Level 10 Life Chart

The idea of the Level 10 Life comes from Hal Elrod's  Miracle Morning book (which I highly recommend), which is also known as "A Balance Wheel" in life coaching circles.  The idea is to check in your life and see the different areas and how they are coming along at the moment.  The chart is 10 (or whatever number you like) areas of your life, with the numbers 1-10 listed on the other side.  You then fill in the chart according to how your life is measured at this moment.  10 being the awesome, 1 being that it may need work.  I don't include any area of my life that's not important to me, like "entertaining" or anything of the sort.  If it's not something I do, it doesn't go in the chart.

You can make your chart in the traditional circle or a box chart.  Or like me, just a simple line by line assessment, highlighting what level I feel that area of my life is at.

Here is how mine looks:

You can make a chart every single month, every single season, or every single year.  It all depends on when you want to take stock of your life and see what's what. These charts are helpful so you can see what's working and what needs to be fixed (like right now, my finances are so totally fucked due to a bout of joblessness and homelessness recently).  So when I see it visually, I am reminded that's what I need to be concentrating on right now, compared to everything else.  My physical environment also sucks, but that's because my finances are so bad that I can't afford to have much furniture or any decor at the moment.  That will change when we have more money flowing into ours lives 😉

Here are some amazing other Level 10 Life Charts from other bloggers that I find freaking awesome that you can gain inspiration from for your own chart:

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1/2 🇺🇸 Hello ! My level 10 goal and life 10 life ! Love the concept ! And you what is on a top ? Concept : you’ve 10 différentes subjects and you choose on 10 level at which level you think the subject is on your life. And on a goal, how you can get there ! _________________________________________ 🇫🇷 Bonjour ! Mon level 10 goal et level 10 goal. Et vous lequel a le plus de points ? Le concept : vous avez 10 thème d’urgents et vous devez les classer selon vos priorité dans vos vies, le level 10 goals et comment vous pouvez être au mieux sur ses thèmes . . . . . . . #birthdaytrackerbujo #bullet #bulletjournal #bujo #bulletjournalfr #bujoinspiration #fabercastell #fabercastellpens #bulletjournallove #positivequotes #bujoinspiration #bujotracker #bujotter #bulletjournalfr #level10life #level10goal
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Finally got around to doing a #level10life spread. I’ve been so busy this year, but I really want to focus on the goals I’ve set for myself. (I probably need to write those in 😂). . . What area do you feel like your doing the best in? Recreation is mine for sure. I make sure to get out into nature and explore different parts of California at least once a month. . . . Inspired by the lovely @bujowithbecky<<< (hers is STUNNING btw) #level10life #bohoberry #liveyourbestlife #bulletjournal #bulletjournalspread #bulletjournalcommunity #bulletjournalcollection #bujoinspo #bujospread #bujolife #bujocommunity #bujocollections #planning #plannerlife #journal #lettering #plannerinspiration #tombowdualbrushpens #bestofbujos #artjournal #theartofbujo #taobnewbie #showneyourplanner #bujolove #bujobeauty #amberjournals
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