About Me

Hey there!  My name is Emma  💘

And I am your $20 Life Coach 😊

Who Am I?

I am someone who believes that bad experiences in life do not equate to a bad life.

I am someone who believes that all people need access to the same level of care and respect no matter their economic status or otherwise.

I am someone who calls herself a survivor.  Of rape.  Of abuse.  Of many things.  I refuse to let others make me their victim.  We can take our experiences in life and change them into something that will ultimately help others.  I am living proof that life goes on.  I am living proof that perfection is not needed in order to be someone worth learning from.

My personal mantra song:

I am someone who cares about the welfare of others as much as I do myself.  Which is why I do what I do.  I can't separate the humanity from the human.  And while I have learned to use strong boundaries in my life with others, deep down, I know people are inherently good.  That people don't hurt each other because they want to.  When we can get away from seeing the world as black and white--good and evil, we can truly find peace.

I am someone who wants to help you find your true self, away from all that muck that our subconsciousness has built around our body, minds, and souls.  While I am not religious, I do find that feeling connected to everything around us helps us to feel centered and whole.  And through the everyday business of life, it's hard to keep that connected feeling going.  When we feel disconnected, we lash out at others, and ourselves.  So by reconnecting, we can find that feeling again, and re-find our humanity.  

I hope through everything this blog offers, I can show you how to reconnect to the world around you through these avenues:




So look around, see what if I have to say resonates with you, and if so?  Then keep coming back for more!

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