DIY Fridays: Apothecary Pickle Jars

Want to make a truly unique piece of art to put on your counter?  Try taking an old pickle jar (the BIG kind) and repurpose it as an apothecary jar to house dog treats or whatever you like!!

Here's how to do it:

  • Grab yourself a jar.  It can be a huge pickle jar or something smaller, like a mason jar.  Or even an old spaghetti jar.  
  • Then get a matching sized metal candle holder (so it will fit the bottom of your jar).
  • Then get some spray paint (any color you like, I love the metallic colors!).
  • Then get some glue that works on metal and glass (cement works fine for this, or Gorilla Glue).
  • Newspaper or plastic to cover your workspace.
  • Painter's tape.

Here are the steps to make your own!


Clean your jar, inside and out.  To get the really sticky parts off, use olive oil on a paper towel (or any oil you have) and rub until it comes clean.  If that only works somewhat, let it sit to penetrate the sticker, then use a paint scraper to get the rest off.  Then clean your candle holder.  Let both dry.


Cover your work space (I would work outside). 






Cover the top of your jar like this with painter's tape so no paint gets on the inside (especially if you're going to be using it for any food items or items that work with food).  Spray both the jar and the candle holder, in small bursts, not too close, and not too far away.  Too close and it will drip, and too far away and it won't cover as well, and you'll waste spray paint.



Let dry.  Flip over and make sure you get the bottoms of both sprayed well.





Once dry, hold jar up to the sunlight and check for weak spots in the paint.  If you see plenty, then give another coat or two.  Keep going until you can't see much light coming through.







Once both are dry, use your glue to attach the candle holder to the bottom of the glass.  I did this upside down, to attach the candle holder on top and held it there until somewhat dry.  Then I flipped it over so the weight would press down from the jar onto the metal holder.





To touch up, I  spray painted over the glue line (with most glues, some with squish out a little from the candle holder).  I also added some twine at the top to make it a little rustic looking (rather than just an open jar top).  If you have it, you can always spray the outside of the jar lid with the paint (with painter's tape protecting the inside) and use that.  Then, fill with whatever you like!  Dog treats (if you have a lid), hair accessories, other food (also if you have a lid), or kitchen utensils!

This was easy and fun to make (and cheap, since I get my candle holders from the Goodwill and just save my jars as I go)!  If you  make one, be sure to come back here and link me so I can see your creations!!

Have a cheap and easy DIY to share?  Message me and I'll feature you on the blog!!

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