All Sorts of Journals

I am in love with journaling!  Can you tell by the activities I write about on my website?  The thing is, journaling about your pain or sorrow or issues, while a wonderful way to get to the bottom of your issues, aren't the only ways to journal.  There are infinite types of journals you can keep, ranging from art journals and visual journals to recipe journals and travel journals!  Journals are a place to explore, create, and dig in deep to find the hidden gems of wisdom in your soul!  You can do anything in a journal.  You can be anything.  You can create anything.  DaVinci kept journals.  Lewis and Clark kept journals.  The founding fathers did.  Julia Cameron does.  The most creative, inventive, and smartest people in the world all kept/keep journals.  In this place, they have somewhere to store their ideas, their inventions, their creations, their ideas, and their souls.  And you can, too!

So I decided to create a book for others to learn about all the different kinds off journals people keep and how to use them to their fullest benefits.  These aren't the little lock and key journals from third grade.  No, these are physical manifestations of our ideas, goals, dreams, and destinations in life.  You can do anything with blank book.  So why not dream a little?  Create a little?  Invent a little?  Or something even completely different! 

In my book "All Sorts of Journals", you will find over 150 different types of journals you can keep or create.  I also include ways to physically make your own journals from paper and other items around the house!  You can be as creative or as simple as you like with your journals.  You can be left-brained or right-brained.  You can be a guy or a gal.  You can be young or old.  You can be anything.  And there will be many types of journals that fit who you are and what you want to create (even if you don't feel creative!).  So check out my book and find a journal that fits your soul! 

All Sorts of Journals

(coming soon!!!)

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