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(Yes, this was written by AI!  It's my only post that is, but I thought it would be interesting to see how well it could describe what I am doing on my blog now, and it didn't turn out too badly...though you can certainly tell it's AI generated).  

Hello there! Thank you for gracing my page with your presence. Whether you're a newcomer or a returning visitor, I extend my warmest welcome.  This blog has a history steeped in a passion for transformation and empowerment. Back in 2016, I embarked on a journey as a life coach dedicated to uplifting women striving to unleash their fullest potential—all while keeping affordability in mind.

In a world where life coaches often required exorbitant fees, I was moved by the notion that genuine growth and guidance shouldn't come with an exorbitant price tag. The discrepancy between the soaring rates and the accessibility to life-altering knowledge was appalling. It stirred a fire within me. I was resolute in my commitment to disrupt this pattern and revolutionize the life coaching landscape.

Thus, I initiated what would be known as the "hacking" of the conventional coaching paradigm. Drawing on my innate abilities, I pursued a path that would upend the status quo—charging $20 for every class, every session, without exception. My mission was clear: to extend a lifeline to those for whom traditional life coaching was financially prohibitive. Every soul, regardless of their economic circumstance, deserved an opportunity to evolve, and I was unwavering in my resolve to be that catalyst for change.

After several years of this endeavor, my trajectory evolved, leading me toward a deeper connection with therapeutic art and body positivity. Although my engagement with clients and readers remained diverse, my focal point gracefully pivoted toward these two transformative realms. While my range of topics extended, the core of my purpose continued to be rooted in nurturing creativity and fostering a positive relationship with the body.

This evolution was fueled by a desire to offer holistic healing and an expansive range of tools for self-discovery and growth. Through the shifting tides of my journey, the foundation of affordability and empowerment remains steadfast—a beacon guiding the way for those seeking to carve their own path toward flourishing and self-love.

And here I stand, in the year 2023, a journey spanning seven years from the inception of this blog, and once again, I find myself at a crossroads of transformation. This time, the shift is profound—a metamorphosis that brings a fresh visage and a resounding new identity. As the curtains rise on this new chapter, my unwavering commitment remains—to guide, uplift, and empower. But this time, with a renewed clarity, my focus pivots to a paramount endeavor—unveiling the path to healing from childhood trauma and the impactful echoes of high ACE scores (you can read about ACE scores here).

The seeds of this transformation have been sown since the inception of this blog, an ever-present thread woven into the tapestry of my writings.  And now, this thread takes center stage, becoming the nucleus around which all else revolves. In this evolution, the past remains an integral part of the present, and I have chosen to preserve my earlier contributions. For they, too, find resonance in this new landscape—a seamless fit in the grand tapestry of healing and growth.

From this point onward, a new resonance takes shape—a symphony of wisdom, techniques, and insights designed to liberate trapped trauma in every facet of our being—body, mind, and soul. The realm of healing stretches wide, encompassing traumas that stem from relationships, life's experiences, and above all, from the echoes of childhood.  Because childhood trauma is the cause of the high ACE scores that ripple through our lives, shaping our perceptions and influencing our very essence, down to our DNA.

Now, the name of my revamped website holds an even more significant and heartfelt meaning. "Mindful Path Home" derives its essence from a trilogy of books I will be sharing on this blog. The first book, titled "Escaping the Wilderness," is the cornerstone. In its pages, I guide readers along a mindful path, reminiscent of the Eightfold Path in Buddhism, leading them out of the chaotic wilderness of life and back to the sanctuary of their authentic selves. This book heralds the inauguration of my series on healing trauma, aptly named "Healing from Within: Nurturing Wellness through Mind, Body, and Soul."  At its core, the initial book focuses on the mind—a guide to rediscovering tranquility and serenity within. It serves as an anchor, offering techniques to restore calmness in our thoughts and emotions.

The second entry in the series delves into an array of methods and exercises designed to liberate trapped trauma from our bodies. Aptly titled "Healing Echoes: Unlocking and Releasing Trauma," this book opens doors to healing through a myriad of practical somatic and bodily approaches.

Completing this trilogy is "Essential Buddhism." In this work, I explore the profound realm of Buddhist philosophy, distilling it to its fundamental teachings. Stripping away complexities and perceived excess, this book is a gateway to understanding Buddhism's essence and healing the soul.

These three volumes combined embody the idea of the "Mindful Path Home" (as mindfulness, somatic movement, and Buddhist thought are the new focus of this blog). It's a journey toward our inherent state of being, a haven that many of us may have yet to fully embrace. Through these works, we pave a path back to ourselves—a homecoming to the authenticity that resonates deep within us.  And I hope that my new website will also convey that concept. 

This journey into healing is not a solitary one. It's an invitation, extended to all those who seek solace, understanding, and transformation. Together, we embark on an expedition that uncovers the tangled roots of trauma, offering guidance on how to tenderly unravel them. As we navigate these uncharted waters, we pave the way for the reclamation of our innate strength, the emergence of resilience, and the embrace of a future bathed in the healing light of self-discovery and restoration. 

So, the question beckons: What are you waiting for? Let today mark the inception of our shared journey. Let us walk this path hand in hand, weaving our stories of healing and growth into a tapestry of transformation. The time is now—embrace the call to action and let's embark on this voyage of healing and self-discovery together.

UPDATE: I changed the name back because I didn't realize how much was entailed in changing your blog name.  So yes, we are still The 20 Dollar Life Coach!  

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