Journal of Amazing Projects and Ideas (a creative project planning journal)


I am so very happy to introduce to you my creative project planning journal called "Journal of Amazing Projects and Ideas", which you can get on Amazon right now!  This will be great for planning out your 2022 project ideas, or start it right now, because if you're anything like me, your head is always filled with creative project ideas.  

My motto in life is "If you can't find it, make it".  Which is how about 90% of my creative projects come to fruition.  I am always finding myself needing something that I cannot buy or find on the internet, so I make it.  Or I find something is too expensive to buy, so I also make it.  But I wanted a project planner that spoke the way my brain works.  But being an "idea person" doesn't always work out for me, because I have ADHD, and I forget what I am working on to go work on something else.  But now?  I have a place to put all the stuff I am working on in one place, so I never forget again!  

And you can too.  

Are you tired of having unfinished creative projects around your house?  Then you need to simplify your life with this planner!  Never again forget what you're working on by keeping track in the Journal of Amazing Projects (and ideas)!  

It's a 6x9 inch paperback journal, filled with blank fillable pages for all your creative ideas and projects, whether they are holiday projects, household, knitting, scrapbooking, quilting, miniatures, or anything else your creative mind dreams up, this journal will fit it all!  Get yours here, today!!  Click the link below!

The Journal of Amazing Projects (and ideas) CLICK HERE!

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