Self Awareness Exercise



I know this woman, a woman I admire who I want to be like.  She's different from other people I know.  She listens to her kids and husband.  She talks to them.  About anything and everything.  She loves passionately and protects those around her.  And she protects those who can't protect themselves in the world, as much as she can.  She doesn't hide who she is.  She is always an open book.  When she was younger, she was fiercely unapologetic about being herself.  She lived by a code.  As she aged, she mellowed out a bit.  She opened her mind a bit.  And she changed a bit.  But rather than feeling changed away from the person she used to be, she changed into being more herself.  I like her new way of doing things.  I admire who she's become.  But I also admire who she used to be, too.  


I think her new gray hair is cool.  She has style all her own.  She's never stopped being whoever she wants to be, and dressing like however she wants to dress.  She's in her 40's and while she's not as thin or young or pretty as she was when she was young, she's still pretty and authentic and real.  She's never pretended to be something she's not.  


My favorite parts about her: she has an amazing ear for music, a knack for creating beautiful things, a mind that is always turning and coming up with new ideas and creations and stories, she is open to realizing what she does wrong and tries to change and do better, is very dog-centric and loves every dog she sees, doesn't think anything is impossible, and has a great sense of humor. 

She is understanding, kind, loyal, and loving.  She has some things to improve on, but she knows and is always working on being better.  And I love her.  And sometimes I need to treat her better than I do.  She deserves my love, my kindness, and understanding.  She deserves my time and my gentleness and my care.  She deserves everything good I can give her.  Because she is me and there is only one me and she's the only me I'll ever have.  

Now, what do you love about that woman in the mirror?  

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