Weekly Favorites: Top 10 Ways I Save Money

This week is all about that money crunch for us.  We are totally broke and are desperately trying to find ways to stay afloat until payday, which isn't until Friday.  So, I thought in honor of this reoccurring theme in our lives (haha!!), I'd share with you my favorite ways to save money 😊

So, here are my top 10 ways I save money:

  1. I make my own laundry soap for around $20 a year.  This stuff works, it smells great, and lasts foreva!  You can find the recipe here.
  2. I find a brand (for household necessities, like TP and PT, etc.) and I stick to it.  If that brand changes price or if something comes up cheaper, then I will change brands, but I won't sacrifice quality if I don't have to.  Like, I won't buy horribly cheap TP because you're not getting your money's worth if you have to buy more of it because you use so much of it.  Do your math, compare prices vs. sizes, and buy something you feel good about purchasing.  When you find your perfect brand/size, only buy that, unless you have a backup that goes on sale.  That way you know exactly how much to budget out of your checks each month for these items.  You'll save money in the long run this way.  Also look for coupons and buy extra when your brand goes on sale.  
  3. Always make a list before grocery shopping.  This will save you more money than you realize. I will be giving you guys my step-by-step process tomorrow on to how to organize your shopping trips to save money and time.  So make sure you come back!
  4. Always buy the same brand pet food.  Shop around.  I found that Meijer's brand of Dog Chow and Cat Chow are around FIVE dollars less than Walmart's, usually because they are always on sale.  I have to drive about five minutes extra to get there, but it's really, really worth it.  AND those brands are as good as the name brand, and that name brand is the cheapest you can buy that's still quality food.  If I buy any cheaper?  My dogs get dandruff and my cat's barf up their food (gross, but true).  So buy the cheapest brand that gives the best quality.  Don't make your pets suffer just because you can't afford better food.  And with Meijer's pet food, you don't have to.
  5. Haircuts.  I taught myself to cut hair (by trial and horrible, horrible error on my children) and now cut everyone's hair in the house (and now?  I am actually quite good at it!).  We save OODLES of money this way.  If your kids are small?  Use them as guinea pigs LOL  Also, go check out some youtube how-to's to get you started 😏  Unlike me, who just took clippers and scissors to head and saw what worked and what didn't LOL
  6. Sewing.  I sew everyone's Halloween costumes, I sew my own curtains (if I need to, but the Goodwill usually has some kickass curtains for cheeeeap), I sew whatever I need to sew in order to keep using the items I need.  I even figured out how to sew a hole in jeans that's split two different ways!  I sew for fun and for necessity.  My neighbors even ask me to do their quick repairs for them 😁  Now, just to get these people to pay for it will be my next feat....
  7. I make food from scratch.  This can be fun for the whole family!  No bread but have some flour and stuff?  Make some.  Get the recipe here!  Make your own pie crusts, or cornbread....you'll be very surprised at how simple some things can be to make and they cost and taste a whole lot better!
  8. I knit.  I knit things I would normally buy, like scarves (because I am a lame knitter and can only knit rectangles for the most part LOL) and sometimes dishcloths.  I stopped making dishcloths because of the smell they get after awhile.  BUT, I have now learned how to save a towel or a dishcloth (or laundry) from that mildew smell: liquid stain remover (the kind made with peroxide).  Aka: color-safe bleach.  It kills mildew and makes everything all better!  Yay!
  9. I make my own cleaners and never, ever buy any from the store (unless it's specialty).  Also, I never use Windex (though sometimes I do), I use baby wipes to wash, and a microfiber cloth to dry.  This works better than ANY window cleaner I've ever used (and it's safe for your little kids to use!  Haha!  Make them do more work!!).  You can find my recipes here and here.  
  10. And the best way I save TONS of money?  I only buy used clothing (unless a: my kids need something and they don't have their size or b: if something is on a really great sale).  We have lots of great used clothing stores in my town, so this works out very, very well.  

And that's it!  What are some great ways you save money?  Please share them below so we can start saving even more money!!  Yay!

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