The Ultimate Self-Care Kit How-To List

Everyone needs their own self-care kit.

This is a kit where you keep everything that makes you feel good in it for when you need a pick-me-up or some introspection.  Here is the  ultimate self-care kit how-to list so you can get working on making your own!

When to use your self-care kit:

  • a bad day
  • heightened anxiety or panic attacks
  • sickness
  • bad news
  • breakup
  • taking a "me-cation" (a mini-vacation for self introspection)
  • an argument
  • crabby and overloaded
  • depression
  • headache
  • whenever you need some "me" time

What to store your self-care kit in:

  • book bag
  • old purse
  • diaper bag
  • makeup bag (with or without pockets)
  • laptop bag
  • photo box
  • Rubbermaid style bin with lid 
  • shoebox
  • or any other container that fits your needs and your items

 What to store in your self-care kit: 


  •  magazines or comic books
  • fiction books
  • fill-in books that explore your thoughts and ideas
  • coloring books and colored pencils
  • stickers/washi tape
  • scissors
  • a journal
  • pictures of things you love
  • art-therapy items
  • music player with your favorite music and headphones or a sound machine
  • your favorite drink packets, tea, or cocoa
  • markers, pens, and highlighters
  • your favorite self-help books
  • a spiral notebook to take notes
  • candles/tarts in your favorite scents & a lighter/matches or a tart burner
  • something yummy like chocolates or cookies
  • nail polish
  • nail clippers
  • nail file
  • a worry stone
  • index cards
  • self-care writing prompts
  • silly putty
  • fiddle boxes
  • bubbles
  • deck of cards
  • tissues
  • baby wipes (or other wipes)
  • some fun, inspirational oracle cards
  • good smelling lotion
  • travel hammock (for self-care outside)
  • water bottle and/or travel mug
  • massage balls
  • portable picnic blanket
  • inspirational art and/or quotes
  • small wind chimes to either put in a window or outside where you're sitting

Where to use your self-care kit:

  • in your safe space
  • your bedroom
  • in the bath
  • outdoors (your yard or in a park)
  •  at a friend's house 
  • out in public (in a portable bag)
  • anytime you need it

How to use your self-care kit:

  • in a ritualized setting (seating, decorations, candles, etc.)
  • alone
  • with loved ones/friends (with their own self-care kits)
  • while waiting for a doctor's appointment
  • your day off
  • your birthday
  • a specific day put aside
  • vision questing
  • holidays

Who could benefit from a self-care kit:

  • you
  • me
  • adults
  • children
  • elderly people
  • teenagers
  • men
  • women
  • every type of person on earth 

Do you have anything to add to any of these lists?  Please let me know below!

What's in your self-care kit? 

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