Weekly Favorites: Top 10 Ways to Recharge Your Life

Can't afford a vacation?  Need a change in your life?  Recharge your life instead!

Top 10 ways to recharge your life:

  1. Rearrange your furniture or repaint a room.  Nothing says "Wow, who's house is this?" than a brand new look!  We did this recently and found out that putting a flat screen on a wall opposite the windows is a stupid idea.  BUT the (now) blue gallery wall behind the TV looks amazing!  So, we combat the glare by using thicker curtains and learned
  2. Get a new haircut or dye it a funky color.  I cut my own hair, I don't trust a hairdresser to give me exactly what I want (though if you want bangs, please don't trust yourself--have a professional do this--we've all seen that video, have we not?).  Luckily, I don't do bangs, so I don't have an issue with needing to keep my hair straight.  When I feel bored with my look, I grab my scissors, or some hair dye (or Kool-Aid), or watch youtube for some hair videos, and have a hair party!  Each day after a new look, we will wake up and forget we look different and pleasantly surprise ourselves when we remember (usually by looking in the mirror).  This recharges your brain into a sense of fun and happiness and excitement (as well as confidence)! 
  3. Open windows for some fresh air (or take a nap in a hammock)!  I call these my "hammock vacations".  I get a book, some music, my sunglasses, a pillow, something to drink, and a table and any day that's nice, I try to go spend time in the yard and relax in my hammock.  If it's winter (or rainy or cold), I will just do the same by an open window.  If it's freezing, just open it a little and let in some fresh air (and let out all that old, stale winter air!).  OR, take a lounging chair or picnic blanket to a park and go relax for the afternoon.  You'd be surprised how well fresh air works to recharge your batteries!
  4. Change window coverings (curtains, shades, etc.) for more light and a brand new look.  My mom had these old, burgundy curtains that made her entire place dark as hell.  I got her to buy some light green curtains and BAM!  It felt like a brand new place 😎 Sunshine makes everyone feel better, and if your house is dark and dreary, then open everything up and let in some light!  Better yet, combine #1 with this one, and you'll feel like you have a brand new home!
  5. Go for a long drive in a part of town you've never been before.  We did this recently, and it made us all feel like we were on vacation in a brand new town!  We saw some amazing places we didn't even know existed.  If your town is small or you've been everywhere, then travel out to the country with a picnic.  Nothing says "vacation" like packing up a cooler full of food to munch on during a trip 😏
  6. Get a new pet.  In a rut?  If you can afford it and your family agrees, then go together (or surprise them) with a new pet!  Getting new pet supplies and making space for your new friend will recharge your brain and create and whole new atmosphere at home.
  7. Take a new class or start a new hobby.  You can make new friends and have new experiences that can get your life going in a different direction.  Learning something new is exciting and fun! You can take your newfound skills and start your own business (or blog, or group, etc.), if you're so inclined 😊
  8. Get a massage by a professional.  Can't afford one?  Many massage schools have days where their students can get their hours in offered at deeply discounted prices.  It's amazing how good you feel after a massage!
  9. Travel to a nearby city for a daycation.  This one is for when you have a little extra money to spend and you can participate in whatever the town has to offer.  We live near both Chicago, IL and Madison, WI, so our family always takes daycations to these cities.  There are loads to do in both cities (even tons of free stuff!!) which keeps my family happy without having to find dogsitters for an entire week of a real vacation (plus, I can't sleep without my dogs, so there's that...).  Daycations give you the feeling of a real vacation, while still being able to sleep in your own bed each night.
  10. Help someone.  Got an extra $20 you can spare?  Got maybe even $100 to spare?  Go buy someone's groceries for them or pay for someone's meal at a restaurant.  Donating money to a cause is helpful, yes, but we're talking about ways to to get your brain recharged.  And simply handing a charity cash (or a check) with no way of knowing where it's going doesn't really help do that.  Instead, do something direct. Buy that homeless person who you see all the time a sandwich and a drink.  Save up all your cans and give them to the guy who digs through your trash to get cans.  Many years ago we had a guy who did this each week, and I ran outside to talk to him and he got scared I was going to yell at him and I said "No, I was going to ask you want more?  I have 6 huge bags of cans inside, do you want them?"  He started crying.  Something as simple as me saving my trash gave him all the money he'd need for the whole week digging through everyone else's garbage.  We don't need to be rich to make a difference in someone else's life.  Remember what Mr. Bigwell said on Robots?  See a need, fill a need.     Consider starting a charity of your own when you find out what people in your area need.  So go out and fill some needs and watch how your mindset on life changes for the better.  

Do you have a suggestion (or more than one) on great ways to recharge your life?  Let me know below!! 

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