Weekly Favorites: Top 10 Family Recipes

This week I am going to share with you some of my favorite family dishes!  Some are ones from my own family growing up and some are ones I make regularly enough that my family requests them by name.                                          

Top 10 Family Recipes

  1. Easiest Chili Dip on Earth (recipe below)

1.  My mother thinks she makes the best mac and cheese in the world.  The funny part is that she got the recipe off the back of a Velveeta box back in the 70's, but this has been a staple in my family for my entire life.  

2.  It would not be a holiday without Aunt Marge's spinach dip in a bread bowl (the recipes calls for pumperknickel and my aunt used a huge breadbowl instead which I think is way better!)  OMG yum!  I am 100% sure she uses the Knorr recipe, so I'll link you to that, but it doesn't matter, it's amazing!! (I typed "Knorr"in the search box and it literally said as the first thing "Knorr spinach dip"! haha I bet some of you have this in your family's repertoire of holiday dishes as well!)

3.  Aunt Lutefisk always brought the rice pudding to every family gathering (she was actually my great-aunt, but nobody called her that).  Sometimes my other aunt would bring it, but it would be so eggy that nobody really liked it.  Mine is a clone of hers, that's why I call it a fusion, as it tastes sort-of like hers but without her real recipe (actually, I think mine tastes more like Kozy Shack's).  And also mine is made without eggs (which makes it even easier, and tastier, to make!).

4.  This is my family's go to soup that I make all winter long. It's soooooo simply and sooooo good!

5.  Back when my mom used to be an alcoholic, her house was always filled with massive amounts of beer.  Then she got with a recovering addict and stopped drinking, so she had no idea what to do with all her beer.  Of course, she gave it to me (I don't drink, but my mom always gives me her unwanted whatevers LOL).  So, rather than just throw it out, I made crap tons of beer bread!  So easy and sooooo good!

6.  I will admit, I got this recipe from a random comment on FB, and I made them and they have turned out to be the best burritos on earth!

7.  I make homemade turkey sausage and it's so very good. So then I started making hash with this sausage and YUM YUM YUM! It's so simple yet it tastes so complex!

8.  Easiest. Dip. Ever.  No, that will be the next dip, but this one is still UBER simple.  And it's soooooo good!  And so light, you have to either eat it with some healthy veggies or if you choose salty chips, to make sure you only eat so many because this dip is so healthy you'll forget how much you're eating! 

9.  Okay, this is the easiest dip on earth to make.  You spread a block of softened cream cheese in an 8x8 pan and then pour this chili sauce on top (Homade Chili Sauce).  BAM!  Done!  You will be the hit of your party, I assure you!  (make sure you use this sauce, as this is a very sweet sauce and others will NOT taste good with this dip).

10.  I just made this for dinner on Sunday. I normally make it for Christmas only, which is stupid, because it's awesome!  And versatile, you can add meat or whatever you like to it!  I've added spinach, mushrooms, and all sorts of stuff and it always works out quite well 😀

Do you have any family recipes you want to share with me?  Do so below and I will be sure to try them out!!

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