Seeing Your Home as Your Spiritual Domain: Part 3

Now that you've used all your senses in order to see what doesn't resonate with your core feeling(s) in your home, let's work on how to fill our homes with what does:

  • The entry way to your home: Treat your entry way like gates to a shrine: remind yourself of why you want to be there the moment you walk through the door. 
  • Your yard is your home's face: what you do you want to feel when you drive by your home and look at it?  Are you proud of it? (hostas are a great way to improve the look of your yard with virtually no work...I should know, I don't have a green thumb, yet the outside of my house looks spectacular because of what I plant).  If not, how can you change it for cheap?  Get some home and garden magazines to get some ideas.  Drive past your neighbor's houses: who has yards you love?  Can you replicate that feeling in your own yard?  Rent some library books on this subject. 
  • What kinds of knick knacks make you happy?  Flowers?  Candles?  Figurines?  (just make sure anything you use doesn't become overwhelming)
  • What colors make you feel comfortable?  Run out to the Home Depot and gather ALL the color cards you can get and tape them up on your walls.  What color schemes do you like?  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this website for color combination ideas: "Design Seeds"
  • Use magazines as a way to find decorating ideas you like.  Find pictures of what you like and either make a vision board, or get 3x5 notecards, punch a hole in them, and place on a binder ring and glue the pictures to the cards.  Choose either entire rooms or pieces to put together to make your own rooms.  Make sure you plan every room and closet and floor of your house.
  • Decluttering your house is a guaranteed way to find peace, and should always be the first step in any home transformation.  Check out the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing" by Marie Kondo (The KonMari way of decluttering).  I rented this book from my library and cannot WAIT to get started on it!  She guarantees you'll never go back to your old ways of cluttering again.  Also check out for some wonderful ideas.
  • If you haven't got on Pinterest yet for design ideas, then get there right now!  Make some boards for organization, small spaces, home decoration, home design, yard ideas, etc. or whatever suits your needs.  NOTHING beats this FREE website for amazing ideas on how to turn your home into an oasis!  I am not sure if you still need an invite, but if so, hit me up and I'll send you one.
 If your home looks like you just moved in and yet you've lived there for years, ask yourself: what next?  Now is the time to make changes, even if they are just on the surface, in order to for where you live to feel like yours, even if you rent.

 If you need some ideas for home decor, I will post my board here for you to check out and see what may suit you.  If there is no link, then I am still building it, so just be patient and I'll get it done soon!

What your home feels like is all based upon how it speaks to your senses.  Which is exactly what spirituality feels like <3 

So when your home is in tune with you and your family (make sure each family member has a space that speaks to them, as well), you will soon feel in harmony with everyone around you.  Peace will reign in your heart and travel with you wherever you go.  

Everyday will start feel lighter and happier and soon, you will never want to leave home!  Just kidding haha!  But honestly, home is where the heart is: so let's make your heart happy!

If you have pictures to share of your beautiful homes, please send them and I'll share them on the site! 

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