Weekly Favorites: My Ultimate Top 10 Bucket List Items

This week I am going to explore my all time favorite top 10 bucket list items

A bucket list can be any list of items that you want to get done.  It's like a fancy to-do list (but more important than a daily to-do list).  And I have way more than 10, but I will list my ultimate ones, which are the ones I won't take no for answer for.  10 things I will not negotiate with, that I will have to eventually do without question.  Those things that I will concentrate on first and not let up until they are done.  And once these 10 are done?  I will choose 10 more to treat the same way. 

By choosing 10, you are putting a limit on your to-do list without overwhelming your brain into the whole "I have so much to do, I might as well do none of them" mode (and we've all been there before).  I am also putting a time limit on my goals, which for this one, will be until the end of summer.

When you put a time limit on your goals, it helps you not forget about them and keep at them until they are finished.  It tells your brain "Hurry up!  You're running out of time!".  This trick will keep you on track, also.  Also, keep your list where you can see it daily, and take some time out of each day to envision your goals being already done.  This helps you to remember that every goal can be reached, if you just remember to take action (rather than sitting around and thinking it will never get done). 

And at the end of this post, I will have a printout so you can make your own top 10 goals to get done 😎

Now, here's my ultimate top 10 bucket list items:

  1. Finish writing at least 2 more books.  This doesn't mean start two new books, this means finish the ones I've already started.  Which is a LOT.  I just need to pick the two that are the closest to being finished and work on them (and ONLY them). 
  2. Clean and organize my art/work studio.  My son changed rooms with me and took my old office as his bedroom and gave me his huge room upstairs to turn into my art studio.  Right now it's just a mess with boxes of art stuff, but this summer I will get it decorated and organized (with my hubby's help). 
  3. Build my raised-garden bed.  I got this idea online from a page I can't remember.  But I took their plans (which weren't plans, it was a series of pictures) and developed my own plan for a smaller raised garden bed.  I wrote them on my whiteboard, along with the prices of each piece I need, so I am pretty prepared to get this done!  All I need is the money (which we're getting soon from a repayment from our old house insurance).  I am excited to get this done (and get it posted to the blog)!
  4. Build a potting bench.  This was a part of my "to-do" list last summer, but I hope this summer it will actually get it done!  I already have some pieces for it, and once I start building it, I will be sure to take pictures and make a "how-to" to post on the blog here!
  5. Get all my seeds started.  This will come before building the raised garden bed, as I need to have seedlings to plant first.  I have everything I need to start, but I can't find my seeds! Haha!  I put them somewhere that I can't remember....is 40 the new 70?  I think maybe it is...LOL
  6. Get my puppy neutered.  For real, this dog is driving me nuts.  He's almost a year old and my ex gave me this dog recently and their plan was to breed him.  But they realized he was too much work and gave him to my son and now I am stuck with a $200 bill to get this dog neutered (plus pay for all of his shots, as they never once took him to the vet).  I am honestly not complaining, I love the ever-loving crap out this dog, but since I am not rich, it's taking a bit to get these things done, which is frustrating.  But, it will be worth it once it's done!
  7. KonMari my entire house.  This will take awhile, but it needs to be done!  If you haven't heard of Marie Kondo, then check out her amazing book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up".  I am tired of living in a world where my stuff takes over my house.  I've gotten better through the years, but at the same time, it's not good enough.  And 2017 is the year of simplifying for me.  So this needs to get done asap!
  8. Get new furniture.  We desperately need a new couch (or a loveseat, chair, and a footrest) because ours is so broken.  So this is high on my list, and with summer coming, a garage sale should be just the place to find one!
  9. Get a split box spring.  Every single day I wake up in horrible amounts of pain.  Our box spring is soooo broken because it really didn't fit going up our steps and it kind of broke trying to push it through the doorway.  This makes our mattress uneven and horrible feeling, swe really need a new one.  And getting a split queen will help because it will actually fit up our steps haha!  Either that, or a nifty expandable one from Amazon 😏
  10. Get a new computer.  We need a desktop, as laptops (as we have learned) are total crap.  The ports break, everything breaks, and what I am writing on is on its last leg.  My hubby and I will share our desktop for everything we need (writing, blogging, photo-editing, music, etc.).  We both need it for work, so we'll be able to write it off on our taxes next year, thank goodness!  

These are the most pressing issues I need to get done asap in my life right now.  While I do have tons of other goals, these are the ones that I need to hone in on and work until they get done. 

If I need to buy something to achieve my goal?  My first step is save money for them. 

If I need to make something?  My first step will be to plan out what to make.

If it's just something I need to do?  My first step will be to make a schedule to get it done. 

If I just jump into doing something without a map, then I will get lost in my goal with no end in sight.  Making smaller goals to achieve the larger one is how these things will actually get done (rather than get put on the back burner for another day or to eventually forget about). 

I have found the trick to following through:

Going slow.  

I don't mean go so slow they never get done, but if I dive in and rush and rush, I will get burned out and quit.  BUT, if I make a plan and go slow with it?  It gets done!  The trick is to make a plan to do one thing every single day towards your goal, even if it's just thinking about it. 

So, want to make your own Ultimate Top 10 Bucket List and get started on changing your life today?  Get your printable here!

What's on your list to get done?  What's your time limit?  Let me know below, I'd love to hear about what you're working on! 

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