Make Your Own Quilted Sunglasses Case

I've been on a quest to organize the shiz out of my purse, because I hate purses with "gaping never ending bottomless pits", meaning those with only one compartment for your items.  I NEED purses with several nooks, crannies, and pockets!  But my family bought me this kick-ass hippy purse last year for my birthday and I sooo want to use it (it's so cute!).

So, I've been organizing it like mad, in order to make it usable for my brain to not get angry every time I am digging for something I need.

And one of those things are my sunglasses.  I wear sunglasses EVERYWHERE and sometimes even indoors.  I have extremely sensitive eyes and I cannot see properly without them (it feels like the sun is STABBING MY EYES!).

And throwing them into my purse a) makes it so I can't find them normally and b) scratches the lenses badly.  And rather than buy an eyeglass case, I made one.

For fifty cents 😎

What You Need:

  • A cheap pot holder (I got a set of 2 for $1)
  • Some embroidery floss.  
  • Scissors
  • A needle (not shown). 

Since I had this embroidery floss already, this project only cost me $.50 for the pot holder.


Thread your floss so it's doubled.  Knot the end.

Push your needle through one side, so the knot will be on the inside of the case.

I whip stitched this (remember, your stitches will go the opposite way).  Check out types of stitches here.

I started about an inch from the corner (so it's not so tight at the top) and went all the way around.  I knotted it on the inside by pushing the needle through and carefully pushing up the bottom to the top on the inside so I could knot it and then cut it.

 And voila!  My sunglasses case works!  And I have BIG glasses, so it will fit most any size you have AND they don't get crushed, no matter how much I stuff my purse!  

The printed picture on the potholder is on the inside because I liked the green color on the back more than the pictured fabric.  But you could always do this the opposite way.

And that's it!  It takes about five minutes to create, so you can whip up a few of them at once if you want!  And you can use contrasting threads to make them look even cuter 😁

Got a cool and easy DIY you'd like to share?  Link it below!  I'd love to see what you guys are making!  

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