DIY Fridays: Organize Your Movie Collection

So, we had this big black movie shelf (like a bookshelf) and it was FULL.  Another really pretty metal one we got in 2007 with our wedding money at Bed Bath and Beyond and it was FULL.  Then we stacked more of our movies in various places in our entertainment center, which was FULL.

Can you tell we are total Cinephiles in my house?  We are constantly buying movies left and right (normally used ones, or cheap, yet good, ones) and in turn, are always running out of room to store them, so they end up all over the house.

With this one simple way of organizing them, all of that is eliminated.

AND it's portable!

Here's how to do it:

First, you get yourself some of these: 

You can buy them here (although they raised their prices from $6 to $12!!)

Now sort all your movies into genres and assign these colors to the genres.  

Mine are orange for comedy, blue for animated family movies, pink for drama and action, green for  special features (yes, we have that many special feature discs), and purple for non-animated family movies.  Since I am running out of purples, I am going to eventually buy a set of white paper ones and use those for action movies.  

Then I used the dividers that came with one of my picture storage boxes to divide them like this:

And then put them in like this: 

IF, and only if, I wanted to go crazy with alphabetizing them (which is great to make your kids do if they are bored), then I will get out my labeler and label each movie with it's title.  

This has worked for us for a few years and I couldn't be happier!

And the movies keep on coming in, so I am very happy we finally have an organizational system that works!  Rather than have movies all over my house 😎 

Do you organize your movies in a cool way?  Share how below! 

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