The Soul Excavation Program

-Are you tired of carrying around the baggage that other people have left in your body, mind, and soul? 

-Are you tired of being always irritable or dealing with wounds that refuse to heal? 

-Do you feel like this isn't the life you wanted to have or that you're not the person you want to be?

-Are you ready for change? 

I have been all of these things and then some for most of my life.  It's taken me 40 years to learn how to access my own feelings and be true to who I am and what I want. 

Therapy is great, but unless you have a kick-ass therapist, your growth can be slow or even non-existent.  I once saw a therapist for an entire year and didn't solve one thing.  And it wasn't for lack of trying, it was based upon the fact that so many therapists I've been to are usually there to talk about themselves before they are there to talk about you.   Some are absolutely excellent and are worth their weight in gold!  But it feels like those are few and far between. 

So, I've had to learn to heal myself, well, myself.  I started reading as many self-development books I could get my hands on and found that there are WAY more great books that have helped me than great therapists.  But, I am an autodidact, so it was easy for me to implement what I learned through books. 

After I read these books, I found that I could take what I've learned even further.  I found ways to heal myself from the childhood abuse my father inflicted upon me.  It allowed me to change my view on my entire childhood and my relationship with him.  I also found a way to put a name to my mother's abuse, which has in turn protected myself and my family from others who wish to do the same.  I found ways to access my voice, both artistically and verbally, so I could eventually become who I was meant to be, rather than what my programming has told me I was (which was worthless).  I found ways to accept who I am, both inside and out, and to take my flaws and see them as something to work with, instead of against.  I have also learned to do the same for others, which is just as important as it is for yourself.

I am not perfect.  Nor will I ever be perfect.  But learning to accept our imperfections and to keep striving to be better every single day without judgment is what this program is about.  And while there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" method for changing your life, this program has many different facets to it, so if one thing doesn't work, another will.  All it takes is your willingness to change, because change = growth.  And without growth, what will we become? 

Unhappy.  Lonely.  Sad.  Angry.  Discontented.  Bored. 
And utterly stagnant. 

We are beings made of energy and energy isn't meant to be stagnant.  It's meant to grow, change, move, and transform.  And that's exactly what you're meant to do. 

You are magnificent.  Even if right now you feel broken or lost.  You can find your way back to who you were meant to be.  I am living proof. 

If you want a taste of how my program works and what it offers, then find the search box at the top of the site and type in "Soul Excavation" and you'll find many different exercises from the actual program.

From the program:

Welcome, fellow Soul Archaeologist.  By participating in this program, you've made the choice to dig deep into the depths of your soul (your past, your psyche, and your subconscious) in order to find yourself again.  Together, we'll wade through the muck, take out our excavation tools, and break open each and every rock in order to find the precious geodes that are hidden inside.  Those geodes may be stuck under layers and layers of hurt, pain, and other negativities, but they are there, anxiously waiting to be revealed.  And this program will provide you with the tools, and the actions, to do so. 

Each module will be listed below as they become available. 

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